What the?!

Chances are, you’re wondering what the Scarebear Guitars website is all about. You may even be wondering who Scarebear is. Truth be told, Scarebear is me.

Aren’t we glad we sorted that out?

Anyhow, this website is dedicated to my ongoing fascination with all-things guitars. Here’s a further bit of truth for you though. Scarebear isn’t my real name. It is a nickname that was given to me—Jason Brown (my real name)—back in 1991. That’s right. A nickname from before the time the Internet and handles were cool.

Yep. Handles once were cool.

So how did I get this nickname you might wonder? Well, back in 1991 I not only had a full head of hair, I had a full head of long hair. Really long hair. I also rode a motorcycle. After a nice long ride on a motorcycle I would take off my helmet and according to friends at the time, I looked a little like the image at the end of this page.

That character—image drawn so nicely by slappy427 on flickr—is from Yogi’s Space Race (which was clearly a popular cartoon series from when I was much younger). His name? Scarebear. Why else would I be mentioning him? Many years later the name has stayed with me (unlike my hair).

The history of this website is an even more exciting story (assuming the story so far has had any excitement at all). The website started as my online portfolio. It linked to the various website projects I was involved in. After a while, that became boring even to me. So the website became an online resume which I updated with my university results. All of a sudden the website had gone from a collection of static pages to a dynamic site regularly updated with information nobody cared about. It was a step in the right direction however.

Still, the website could have done with material that people found interesting. So I decided to use the website to share the skinning creations I had made for applications such as WinStep, WindowBlinds and other applications often starting with the letter W. Now the website was proving to be somewhat popular. With everyone except me. So in the end I killed the site. It became nothing more than a landing page. I got myself a paying job and moved on with my life. See you later Scarebear!

However, I couldn’t bring myself to let the domain go. I like the name. I like that the website has had many faces each more attractive than my own. The website seems to get away with anything and still survive. Which got me to thinking. What if the website became the gateway for anything that Scarebear (me) is interested in? Finally the website had found its true calling … Guitars!

The website about anything has no need to ever change again. Because the website is finally focusing on something the content owner, me, has an addictive interest in. So … Past to present. Who knows what the future will hold. Not this page, that’s for sure. In fact, nobody knows what the future holds. As I so brilliantly put it once in one of my out-of-office message creations, The future … it sure isn’t what it will be.

Scarebear drawing
Scarebear drawing by slappy427
3 replies on “ What the?! ”
  1. Loving the site so far–you’re doing a great job with it. Seems you and I have a lot in common when it comes to career, guitar, blogging, etc. I’ve got you bookmarked and am looking forward to really digging in and reading your posts in-depth (I’ll admit, I’m traveling right now and have only skimmed). I’m following you on Twitter too now, btw \m/

    1. Thanks Bobby! I’ve been very hit and miss the last 12 months—mostly miss—but with a new year comes a new attempt at creative content and fun. Hopefully, mostly fun. I look forward to learning more through your website too. This is going to work out perfectly for me 🙂

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