What the?!

Chances are, you’re wondering what the Scarebear Guitars website is all about. You may even be wondering who Scarebear is. Truth be told, Scarebear is me.

Aren’t we glad we sorted that out?

Anyhow, for additional details on what the name Scarebear means, please visit my Scarebear gateway site—it’s complicated, but well worth the read.

I’ll wait here for you to return.

Welcome back—you didn’t go anywhere did you? That’s OK.

The history of this website is lengthy when measuring time—it has existed for over a decade now—but simple when describing the events that have taken place.

This website has had many URLs applied to it as my interests have dictated changes in content to the site over the years. This content has resided under scarebear.org, scarebear.rocks and now, scarebear.guitars.


The first URL was the original I purchased, the second URL was a lie and the latter is the easiest way I could think of to let me people know what my main interest is.


I don’t make them. I’m not overly talented when it comes to playing them. I do however have a very unhealthy fascination with all-things guitars. I therefore use this website to write about anything and everything I discover of interest—to me—that has to do with guitars.

Over the years I’ve written about guitars, amplifiers, iOS applications, inventions and more as I’ve stumbled across them. It’s something I hope to do for many years to come.

If that interests you too, then I hope you’ll come back regularly to continually learn with me. There is so much yet to discover in the world of guitar. Let’s have fun doing that.

3 replies on “ What the?! ”
  1. Loving the site so far–you’re doing a great job with it. Seems you and I have a lot in common when it comes to career, guitar, blogging, etc. I’ve got you bookmarked and am looking forward to really digging in and reading your posts in-depth (I’ll admit, I’m traveling right now and have only skimmed). I’m following you on Twitter too now, btw \m/

    1. Thanks Bobby! I’ve been very hit and miss the last 12 months—mostly miss—but with a new year comes a new attempt at creative content and fun. Hopefully, mostly fun. I look forward to learning more through your website too. This is going to work out perfectly for me 🙂

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