New branding for a new year

My last post that few people saw—sorry, I had plans to launch this website quite a few days ago—referenced my plans for new things to come. This is one of those new things—a new logo for my Scarebear identity. I’ve been using the bear footprint logo design for quite a few years now. I liked

Why I said “Goodbye”to 1300 Facebook followers

Last year I closed my original Facebook page for this website. It was relatively successful when you consider how meaningless this website is. The page had 1300 Facebook followers and the overall trend was an increasing follower count. But I noticed a few things—nothing terrible or overly negative—and decided to close the page down and

Did you miss me?! No … Me either

52 Pedals. That article series certainly isn’t going to plan is it? I’ve covered 26 different pedal manufacturers which sounds like a small victory, but it isn’t. I could say “Yes! Half way there!”, but as far as the calendar year goes, we are actually in week 37. Epic fail. I have some serious catch-up to do—and right