My Scarebear custom Reedsdale by Moniker Guitars

Okay. I’ve written about Moniker Guitars a few times this year. I apologise if it seems repetitive. If it’s repetitive, I apologise. But even if you have read the article I wrote about my custom Scarebear Reedsdale, I guarantee you missed a few important things. Not because you’re an article skimmer, but because until now I haven’t shared these things. What things?

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Colour.

To witness the colour you need to hit that Play button (it’s below in the embedded video). Luckily for me and my own rule of no colour on this website, until you hit Play, this article is colour free. Having mentioned that, you don’t really experience the audio or the video until you hit that Play button either. But I needed to point out the colour exception. It’s less obvious to first-time visitors of the site.

So what can you expect to see and hear in the video? I know the answer and I’ll tell you.

The introduction of the video is a clean sound recorded first using the neck pickups (Seymour Duncan Jazz) then the bridge pickups (Seymour Duncan Distortion). Not too much later a slow solo kicks in and that is done using the bridge pickup. Once the distorted rhythm then kicks in the entire recording is all bridge pickup. That Seymour Duncan Distortion pickup is just awesome. A better guitarist would make that more obvious.

Enjoy the imagery. Enjoy the sounds. I am enjoying the heck out of this guitar. Not that it came with any heck.

If you like the look and sound of this guitar, why not buy your own? To make it easier, the awesome people at Moniker Guitars have allowed me to share a promo code with you. If you order a guitar with Moniker Guitars between now and the end of the year (2013 just to be precise) you can use the promo code Scarebear2013 and save yourself 15% off your guitar purchase. The promo code can’t be used with any other promo codes.

Go now! Build online and before you know it you’ll have your very own dream guitar.

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