Moniker Guitars introduces the Reedsdale Double Cutaway

If you haven’t heard of Moniker Guitars yet them shame on you for several reasons. Firstly, they’re awesome and their gallery of work is perhaps the most impressive I’ve seen (even if you take my spiral Reedsdale out of the equation). Secondly I’ve written about them a few times before. I was pretty sure everybody had read all the articles on this website. My expectations of the Internet aren’t too high at all. Thirdly and most importantly, there’s a Moniker Guitar featured prominently in my website header currently. It’s that sexy spiral guitar. So sexy …

Ignoring all of that (as many people will) the purpose of today’s article is to mention the all-new (coming soon) Moniker Guitars Reedsdale Double Cutaway. Damn it! Now I want another guitar from Moniker Guitars.

Since I purchased my custom Reedsdale last year, Moniker Guitars has added the Zuma body shape (a very nice body shape indeed) and a new headstock shape (among many other features). The new Moniker Guitars Reedsdale Double Cutaway body shape though is perhaps my new favourite addition to the ever-growing family. Combined with some of the other options you can select when using the online configurator, the Moniker Guitars Reedsdale Double Cutaway is just sexy on a stick.

I know I’ve already used sexy in this article, but damn it, it’s sexy.

If you’ve never used the online configurator before, then you’re seriously missing out on some of the most entertaining guitar related time wasting you’ll ever experience. I’m pretty sure I’ve designed over 20 guitars using this tool. And I’d gladly build them all for real if I didn’t require food and a family. There is currently a quick and easy form to fill out that enables you to access the Double Cutaway online configurator (as I mentioned above, it’s coming soon). From there you can design your very own piece of wooden majesty that would make you the envy of all your friends (musicians or otherwise). Or you can sit on the main online configurator and hit refresh until the body shape is released to the general public.

Don’t wait for that though. Who wants to be part of the general public?!

I signed up and quickly made the guitar you see below. I made it in colour, but I can’t allow that on this site. It’s against my rules. Nasty, nasty colours.

Care to know what I put in my build? Well, it has:

  • Semi-hollow f-hole
  • Bigsby tailpiece
  • TV Jones Classic (chrome) pickups
  • Locking tuners (chrome)
  • Moniker emblem on the headstock
  • Heavy burst

There is more obviously, but those are the key features. Moniker Guitars sure make it easy for you to create your own sexy guitar. What would you build? Something sexy no doubt.

Moniker Guitars Reedsdale Double Cutaway
Moniker Guitars Reedsdale Double Cutaway
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