Fender Classic Player Triple Tele … New and awesome

I love a good Telecaster. I also love black guitars (you may have noticed that if you’ve been to this website before). I also love it when something out-of-the-ordinary is applied to a guitar. So seeing the Fender Stratocaster pickup arrangement applied to a Fender Telecaster as it is with the new Fender Classic Player Triple Tele is something that is ticking all the right boxes for me. This guitar looks to be … Awesome!

Fender Classic Player Triple Tele
Fender Classic Player Triple Tele

Technically speaking, the three pickup arrangement on this guitar is a three slanted Nocaster bridge pickup arrangement. The pickup switch is a standard 5-way Stratocaster style switch placed into a standard Telecaster control panel layout (including master volume and master tone controls).

The full spec sheet looks something like this:

  • Maple fingerboard (21 frets)
  • Alder body
  • Synthetic bone nut
  • Thick C shaped neck (bolt on)
  • Three Custom Shop single coil Nocaster pickups
  • Master volume and tone controls
  • 5-way pickup selector switch
  • 3-saddle bridge (string through body)

I love the look of this guitar. Fender sure do make it hard to decide upon just the one Telecaster or Stratocaster. No wonder John 5 has as many Telecasters as he does.

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