EC Pedals SuperSwitcher 2 Indiegogo campaign

The problem with having too much* guitar gear is that it can be troublesome to use it all together once it’s setup. There’s looping, channel shifting, tuning, midi control and amplifier effect control (like reverb) to contend with. So unless you’re built like Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, it can get tricky. Luckily for us all, EC Pedals has started an Indiegogo campaign to develop the SuperSwitcher 2 (which could just be the most advanced switching system you’re likely to see).

There’s a very cool video that explains perfectly what the SuperSwitcher will do for you once developed. It looks seriously cool. And it fits perfectly on any pedalboard by the looks of things. Perhaps even my home-made one!

The technically minded among us may wonder what exactly this module consists of. Luckily, the Indiegogo campaign spells it all out. Like this (paraphrased ever-so slightly):


  • 8 Audio loops for pedals (7 mono and 1 mono send/stereo return loop)
  • 2 relay switches—you can control amp channels, turn on the reverb in your amp and basically use anything that requires a latching switch with just one standard PL stereo cable.
  • Midi in & out—controls presets on your digital pedals and all other midi applications your setup has, Including an expression pedal jack!
  • Switchable audio buffer at the input of the switcher – keep the spark of your guitar signal that you lose with long cables with this high quality buffer.
  • FX Loop module—allows you to break the connection between loops in order to have ‘in from amp pedals’ and ‘fx loop pedals’ setup, When ordering you will have the option to choose where to ‘break’ the connection for you—after 4 loops or after 6 loops. For example—loops 1-6 will include wah , filter and distortion pedals, which will be sent to the amp Input. From the amp’s FX loop of your amp you will send the signal back to the FX loop module of the switcher in order to have delay & reverb pedals at loops 7-8.
  • Internal tuner—there is a basic guitar tuner built into the switcher! Also included is a tuner out jack, if you want to use your own, more advanced tuner (signal is muted when using the tuner feature so no one in the crowd hears you tune).
  • Stereo outputs L&R
  • 99 Banks with 5 presets on each bank.
  • GND lift switch


The pedal unit itself will cost $519 USD when released. But Indiegogo backers get the chance to buy early at the much lower price of $279 USD. I have individual pedals that cost that mush I’m pretty sure. If you’d like to support a great sounding concept, but don’t have the cash to buy the unit, you can also support the campaign for as little as $10 (for which you get plectrums—who doesn’t love plectrums?!).

This seems to be a very cool unit. I hope it does well.

* There is no such thing as too much guitar gear

EC Pedals SuperSwitcher 2
EC Pedals SuperSwitcher 2
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