Six Scary questions—Campfire Guitar

Way back in 2014—OK that wasn’t really that long ago—I came across the very cool folks from Campfire Guitar. I quickly discovered their passion for teaching people how easy it is to play guitar and also provide them with an impressively high quality first acoustic guitar. I say first because I can’t imagine anybody just having one

Six scary questions—Moniker Guitars

Today I am very pleased to say that I have six awesome responses to six scary (they’re not really) questions I put to the talented folks at Moniker Guitars. If you haven’t heard of Moniker Guitars then you’re either on the wrong website right now, have never read anything I’ve written here, never seen my

Six scary questions—Dialtone Pickups

The six scary questions series continues with these new questions and answers that the awesome people at Dialtone Pickups agreed to make happen. Well, I made the questions happen. They made the answers happen. You know how these things work. Perhaps what you don’t know is who Dialtone Pickups is? Perhaps you don’t know what