New branding for a new year

My last post that few people saw—sorry, I had plans to launch this website quite a few days ago—referenced my plans for new things to come. This is one of those new things—a new logo for my Scarebear identity. I’ve been using the bear footprint logo design for quite a few years now. I liked it. But as mentioned in my previous post, I have hobbies other than guitars and I wanted to be able to combine all of those interests under one brand instead of having several disjointed personas. For that, I felt I needed a new brand.

If you’re interested, here’s the full rundown on what is new …

Firstly, the site logo and the related wording have a new style. Scarebear Guitars. No, I don’t make guitars. Let me clear that one up straight away. Guitars is an interest of mine. If you’ve ever been to the previous version of this website, that part was hopefully clear.

Other interests I have include graphics—the designing of—and photography. So there will be websites to come shortly that are dedicated to those interests and those sites will be branded in a similar way to this site. Combined, they’ll look like this:

The Scarebear brand
The Scarebear brand

There will also be a splash page or landing site for all-things Scarebear. That way, it will be easier for people to understand—I hope—that this Scarebear person who keeps talking about guitars is the same person—also calling himself Scarebear—that is occassionally designing things and also taking photographs.

Not confusing at all, right?!

Mostly, this will only be of interest to me. I am constantly testing new things that I discover in the web and social media realms. These sites and their brands are my testing ground. They’re also my genuine interests. If you’re going to put something out there as you test technologies and processes, at least make it genuine.

Should you be someone that is not me, but still interested in the comings and goings of the Scarebear interests and websites, feel free to sign up for my new email newsletter—by reading this far into the page, you should have received a pop-up invitation to signup to the newsletter. That’s another new thing on this website.

Oh, I promise not to get all spammy with the newsletter. Mostly because I don’t believe in that, but also because I simply don’t generate enough content to spam anybody too frequently. There’s always an opportunity to sign up in this site’s new slide-in side menu should you have miised the pop-up opportunity.

Thanks for reading.

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