The Grover Jackson Story—Indie Go Go movie campaign

My love affair with guitars began when I first heard Eddie Van Halen’s Eruption. I’d loved Rock well before that (most likely starting with KISS when I was roughly 10 years old), but hearing what Eddie Van Halen did blew my mind. After that I went searching for many other similar guitarists to admire. Steve Vai, Dave Mustaine and Randy Rhoads were a few of the guitarists that also made my jaw drop—especially Randy Rhoads. One thing all of these guitarists had in common was Grover Jackson. Grover Jackson built guitars for all of these exceptional guitar players.

That’s only one small part of the Grover Jackson story that I am aware of. With over 40 years of the luthier business under his belt, Grover is today’s modern guitar building hero (in my eyes). Now thanks to a new Indie Go Go campaign, the full story has the chance to become a truly rockin’ documentary. This is a story that I’m keen to see and hear.

I believe Grover Jackson was also working at Washburn when Dimebag Darrell had his signature Washburn Dime guitar created. For the modern metal musical taste I have, Grover has created more significant guitars than anybody else to date. That’s so impressive.

That’s not to say that all of Grover’s contributions to the modern world of guitar are over. He’s still going strong with his GJ2 guitar company (where the Concorde remains on my list of guitars to hopefully acquire one day). Actually, it’s because of Grover Jackson and the guitar he designed for Randy Rhoads that I purchased the RR3 several years back. That guitar shape remains so influential to me.

So much history. So much potential future. Hopefully this campaign will be a successful one. It could be. The rewards are pretty decent.

$25 — Signed movie poster

$50 — DVD copy of the finished movie

$50  — GJ2 T-shirt

$100 — Signed movie poster, DVD and T-shirt

$1000 — Shop tour and lunch with Grover Jackson

$5000 — Glendora Guitar and lunch with Grover Jackson

$7500 — Custom design guitar built with Grover Jackson (plus lunch with Grover Jackson)

I wonder if anyone would support an Indie Go Go campaign to raise $10 000 so I can buy that last campaign option? That would get me to the USA and back and ensure I built a guitar with Grover Jackson. It won’t happen.

But I honestly will envy the person who does buy that $7500 option. Awesome opportunity. Until then, I’ll await the release of the movie. Should be awesome!

Support the campaign if you’re able.

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