Roland Corporation Australia teaches you the modes (for guitar)

If you’ve read the bio I apply to myself here or on any social media site I frequent, you’ll know that I rate my guitar playing skills fairly low. Actually, I’m terrible. Maybe that’s because I don’t practice much. Never have.

I suppose when you put it out there like that it makes perfect sense. Well luckily for me, the Roland Corporation Australia Blog has a new article series (it just finished) that is an introduction to modes for guitarists. Seems perfect for me.

The article series covers the Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian and Locrian modes. The series doesn’t cover the English versions of these modes. Seriously … Who names these modes?

The articles in this series were released on the Roland Corporation Australia Blog weekly with the last article being released this week. Each article features the background for the mode (it’s like learning, but guitar related so obviously better), the theory behind the mode (including where the mode begins in relation to the C Major scale), a quick demonstration video featuring Marc Bergeron rocking out like a champion on guitar and a downloadable backing track from  Coffee Break Grooves. These backing tracks are free to download and keep up until March 31 2015. That’s awesome. You should absolutely grab these backing tracks and watch the associated YouTube videos.

Check out the introduction video below and then go through the individual mode lessons. Don’t become a terrible guitarist like me.

Mode lessons

  1. Mixolydian mode
  2. Dorian mode
  3. Aeolian mode
  4. Ionian mode
  5. Phrygian mode
  6. Lydian mode
  7. Locrian mode
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