Dragon’s Scale guitar plectrums Indiegogo campaign

So here’s a little something I only just discovered. I never wrote about the cool Dragon’s Heart plectrum I got a few years back—it’s pictured in the header of this article if you’re on the home page right now. I thought I had written about how impressive the plectrum is, but … well it seems it’s another thing I never got around to. Well, I can’t let my laziness get in the way of promoting their Indiegogo campaign. Because if the Dragon’s Scale plectrum is anywhere near as cool as the Dragon’s Heart plectrum, then you’re going to want to know about it.

One thing I love about my Dragon Heart plectrum is its durability. The Dragon’s Scale looks to offer the same kind of durability—think 1000 hours of play time—into a more regular plectrum shape. Sounds like a win-win to me.

There is a video worth checking out that includes some testimonials from some respectable YouTubers that may entice you to back this project—as borrowed from the Indiegogo page you’ve surely visited by now.

My Dragon’s Heart plectrum was all the incentive I needed to be honest. I’ve signed up to get the four different plectrum varieties ($28USD). I look forward to trying them out in December this year and telling you all about how they play and feel. After I’ve played them for hours on end obviously.

It’s like Christmas just came early for me.

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